Does smoking tobacco affects the insurance premium rates?

Smoking is one of our little guilty pleasures and we usually do not feel ashamed about it. It is something that relaxes us and goes well with a coffee, just after we have arrived from work. But no matter how hard we try to prove the contrary, smoking is extremely harmful to us and those around us. It is a major source for many diseases and can have devastating consequences on a long term.

But this is not the only concern a smoker should take in consideration. Smokers are Smokerregularly turned down by insurance companies. It is really unpleasant to be a smoker, notice that you need a life insurance and when you go with a proposal, to be turned down. The reason for your refusal is plain and simple: smoking is considered a major cause for lung cancer, heart diseases and other medical problems.

Maybe not now, but in time, if you continue with this habit, you will notice some damage.  And companies do not like clients that present a high probability of developing fatal diseases.  They consider this a bad investment, because the client will not pay enough premiums in order to cover a part of the policy cost. If they were to accept every smoker, they will soon become bankrupt.

Looking for life insurance over 50 available for smokers involves lots of time lost. There are not so many companies that accept smokers and even less that accept senior smokers. But your patience will be greatly rewarded when you will find one.  That means that you will able to store money in order to be used after your death by the remaining members of your family.

The only problem is the value of premiums. Due to the fact that your life expectancy is shorter than those that do not smoke, you will be charged extra by the insurer. It depends on the insurer because you can pay starting from 20-30% more up to paying twice as much as a non-smoking person.

Time is short, and if you want to have cheaper premiums, you should quit smoking and make a new deal when you feel that you will obtain clean medical results. That usually happens after a year or two after you quit smoking.

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