What is Term Life Insurance?

Term Life Insurance provides coverage for a specific length of time (for example, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 years).

How does Term Life Insurance differ from other types of insurance?

Term life insurance is the most affordable life insurance coverage available.

  • Another type of life insurance—permanent coverage—is more expensive and is designed for long-term protection. Usually, permanent policies build cash value over time.
  • A whole life policy builds cash value and after 20 or more years, you can use the cash value to continue paying the policy premiums.
  • Universal life insurance is temporary like term life insurance, but offers coverage until you are 100 years old.
  • Another type of universal coverage—a flexible/variable policy—allows you to over-fund your insurance and invest the overage (in mutual funds or similar types of investments).
  • Return of premium (ROP) coverage gives you the option to pay extra for term life insurance but get all your money back if you outlive the term period.

Is a medical examination required to get a Term Life Insurance policy?

At Www.50lifeinsurance.net, no. At most ordinary insurance companies, yes.

How do I apply for Term Life Insurance?

At Www.50lifeinsurance.net, you can get a free, no-obligation quote and then apply online. You also can get your quote and complete your application on the phone with a licensed agent. Just call 1.800. 939.0710.

When will my coverage begin?

As soon as your application is approved and your payment is received (which can be done simply online or on the phone), your coverage begins immediately.

Should others in my family have term life insurance?

There are many good reasons to consider coverage for your spouse and children. The goal with all term life insurance policies from Www.50lifeinsurance.net is protection and peace of mind for you and your entire family.

Can my policy ever be canceled?

No. Coverage from Www.50lifeinsurance.net can never be canceled during the policy period for any reason, even if your health changes. If you accurately answered the few simple questions on your application and you pay your premiums, your policy stays in effect for the entire term.

Can I use my policy's death benefit to pay for funeral expenses?

Yes. Many individuals buy a policy from Www.50lifeinsurance.net in order to use the death benefit for funeral costs. Anyone can use their policy for this reason, but many of these individuals tend to be older; others are younger but suffering a terminal illness. For both, no

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