Find No Medical Exam Life Insurance for Smokers!

Smoking is not a disease and smokers are not sick people, but many insurance companies view it as s sickness. Unfortunately, smoking is the main source of lung cancer, one of the major causes of death in the U.S. Your habit is quite harmful and companies are aware of that and they do not want to assume any responsibility by providing coverage to smokers.

smoke-that-cigaretteIt might seem a lost cause for smokers that seek life insurance, but this is totally false. There are companies that sell no medical exam life insurance for smokers and we can help you find them.

You need to purchase no exam life insurance if you want to get coverage.  Insurers that sell standard policies do not care if you are a regular smoker or an occasional smoker. As long as you smoked in the last 12 months, you will be excluded. This is not the case for no exam policies.

Insurance companies that sell no medical exam life insurance provide coverage to smokers, but the premiums will be higher. Usually, on the questionnaires you will find one question related to smoking habits. You can say “Yes”, it will not affect your eligibility. Also, there are some policies and companies that do not care if you smoke.  They are more interested if you have a terminal disease or certain diseases.

So, finding reliable no medical exam life insurance carriers should be a top priority for any smoker. Nowadays, technology helps us in numerous ways. Internet is facile and provides results very fast. You have two options: you can visit the website of each company or you can check for websites that provide free life insurance quotes.

The second option is more efficient. You will save time and you will be able to compare prices. Once you have found 3 or 4 favorable results, you can contact each company and discuss further.

Our website provides top quality life insurance quotes and we can help any smoker find its long desired policy.  Visit our Homepage!

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