If I chew tobacco can I still be eligible for 50 life insurance?

We all know that smoking and chewing tobacco represent dangerous habits for your organism. You insert in your body dangerous chemical substances that in time can have grave consequences. You will have more chances of developing lung cancers, heart diseases and many other related sicknesses. It will also affect your chances of getting insurance for over 50.

chewing tobaccoIn these times of economical instability, it is always better to have insurance. But you can find companies accepting your appliance papers, so the answer is yes, you can still be eligible for 50 life insurance.

Obtaining insurance is hard, but not impossible. All that matters is not to have a terminal disease caused by your habits. Most insurance companies will ask many questions about your current health status and if you are suffering of any disease. Also, you will need to take a medical exam or to bring some medical records in order to confirm your condition.

If your organs are not that damaged by smoking or chewing tobacco, you will certainly be accepted as client and you will get your desired coverage.  Unfortunately, there is another major disadvantage. You will have to pay more for rates and you will get limited coverage options.

But, if you want to quit, it is better to choose a term life policy that provides limited coverage. In this way you will get coverage while you try to quit. After the contract expires, you can talk again the terms and give new results that show no signs of nicotine or tobacco. You will certainly obtain better rates for your life insurance.

Avoid losing too much time and use effective methods. The traditional way of obtaining insurance was to visit the headquarters of a specific company and talk with representatives.Nowadays you can use the Internet and search for carriers capable to cover you even if you have some medical problems. Visit websites that offer free quotes and details about different policies.

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