Life Insurance No Medical Exam Can Get You Coverage Before Christmas!

Are you in need of life insurance and you have to get a policy before Christmas? A typical life insurance policy takes between 3 and 6 weeks to issue. But by purchasing a life insurance over 50  plan, you can get coverage in less than 24 hours. Life insurance without medical examinations is the fastest way to get insurance. Read on to find out more!

christmas giftsNo medical examinations life insurance plans provide basic life coverage, but applicants do not have to go through the tedious medical examination. But how can this work? Aren’t agencies taking a too bigger risk by insuring people without examining them first?

It is important to understand how life insurance without medical exam works before purchasing a plan. Many people thing it is a scam because they do not understand the concept. It is true that agencies take higher risk when inuring someone without a medical examination, but who says they drop the underwriting process entirely?

An agency will still review the medical condition of an applicant. The application form contains several medical questions and an applicant needs to answer “no” to most of them. This means that the insured guarantees that he or she does not have any terminal diseases.

Furthermore, life insurance plans that do not ask for medical exams provide temporary and limited coverage. This means that an agency can reduce risks of paying a benefit.  An insured is more likely to die in an accident than from terminal diseases and by making the plan temporary, the risks is even lower.

A typical life insurance policy is released in between 3 and 6 weeks. The applicant also has to lose many hours taking medical examinations. By purchasing no medical exam life insurance, you can have coverage in less than 24 hours and spend a safe and stress-free Christmas with your family!

Life insurance no medical exam provides convenient coverage for younger and older persons who can protect loved ones during crucial times. Compare quotes and learn more about this product by visiting our website!

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