No Medical Exam Life Insurance: 3 Tips For Finding A Cheap Policy!

Finding cheap no medical exam life insurance is challenging, but not impossible. Life insurance plans that do not require medical exams are becoming quite popular, so there are many options to choose from. This type of plan can be easily bought by seniors, people with pre-existing conditions. The application process is very simple and you can get coverage in less than 24 hours.

ways-to-save-money-on-life-insurance-300x198Although they feature a simplified underwriting process, life insurance plans without medical examinations have a downside: they cost more. However, by following three simple tips, you can find a cheap policy:

1.       Compare quotes

Comparing quotes is a must. As I have already said, there are a lot of plans to choose from. This diversity creates competition, and competition can work to your advantage. Comparing quotes means searching through various plans and picking one that suits you best; in our case, the cheapest policy. You can get a quote by visiting the website of an agency or by using specialized websites.

2.       Talk with an insurance agent

If comparing quotes didn’t help you, or if you have a special case, you can discuss with an independent insurance broker. It is important to choose an independent agent for an objective opinion.

An insurance broker has important contacts with several agencies in the country. He or she will review your case and will try to find a plan that works best for your current financial situation. People who have a medical condition are advised to get professional help form an insurance broker.

3.       Improve your health

No medical exam life insurance premiums are influenced by your health.  A healthier applicant will get better rates and cheaper premiums. Quitting smoking and drinking will have an immediate effect on your life insurance premiums. Smoking, for example, increases your life insurance premiums four times. Drinking also has a negative impact on life insurance premiums.

Staying healthy and fit is an important way in which you can get cheaper life insurance!

If you want affordable life insurance without medical examinations, visit our website and we can help you compare quotes from top providers!

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