No Medical Exam Life Insurance Over 50 Years: When Do You Need It?

Life insurance is an important product most people need, especially those who have dependents. Seniors can also benefit from a life insurance plan, as they can cover funeral expenses. However, not every senior needs a life insurance plan. For many of them, life insurance can be expensive. It is important to know when an over 50 life insurance policy is really needed!

seniorsDo seniors need life insurance?

Many people thing that life insurance for seniors is an expensive and useless product, which should not be bought. However, this is not entirely true. Life coverage can be used by seniors to cover important last expenses, mortgage loans or to financially support family members. There are many reasons to purchase over 50 life insurance and seniors should not ignore life coverage entirely.

When do seniors need life insurance?

We settled that seniors should consider life insurance an option, but when do they need it? We will describe some scenarios in which life coverage can be of great help.

  • If there are no money saved for funeral expenses. Paying for a burial ceremony is a big concern for many families. The price of a typical funeral can be up to $10,000, a high amount many people cannot afford. Seniors may need life insurance if their families cannot cover the expense.
  • If the mortgage is not paid. Failing to pay the mortgage can have many negative consequences for your family.  The remaining family members may be force to abandon the property if they cannot handle the mortgage rates. A life insurance plan can provide a death benefit which will cover the remaining mortgage loan after your death.
  • If dependents are involved. Financial dependents are those family members who cannot or do not earn any income. Their well-being depends entirely on another person. In his case, the breadwinner should purchase a life insurance, otherwise his or her death may leave the dependent family members strained and without any support.

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