Practical tips in case of road accidents

With the arrival of cold weather, snow chains have become a topic of interest for many drivers, both for those who travel occasionally during snow conditions and the ones who go on vacation or weekend mountain sky and for professional drivers who often handle vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tonnes. These types of vehicles are regulated by the law to use approved equipment such as chains or snow chains in certain periods and set roads. Snow chains are useful only on roads where snow (at least 5-6 cm thick) and ice form a compact mass.

Every winter, tens of accidents occur on the U.S. roads and every winter, police warns people to drive at a slow speed, to carefully  think about what and who is in front of them when driving, to keep a safe distance between vehicles, to accelerate and gradually brake, to park only if certain situations require it and make it out of the roadway. Panic does not save no one in those stressful situations, therefore, if you feel that you are starting to slide at a stop or near a stationed object on the road, look forward and find a way out. But if you instead close your eyes and do not look ahead, feet and hands will react in an uncontrollable manner causing damages to your vehicle. In the worst possibly case this could lead into an unfortunate event such as death.

There are several factors that always occur in many collisions such as traction, visibility (driver’s capability to clearly see the road  and the area in front of him well enough for him to have time to react) and the manner in which he or she drives. Therefore, it’s important to have time to react when accelerating or using the brakes and last but not least to prepare the vehicle for the winter season. This means that we must wash the car to make sure that windows, mirrors, headlights and taillights are clean and visible.

When somebody suffers a terrible accident the situation can be depressing because it can result in a decline of the family’s income and no one knows if any of those consequences from the accident will return and affect them in the future.

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