Prostate cancer and its dangers – The importance of buying a life insurance!

With age, a man’s prostate can grow in size and without being something abnormal but sometimes it happens that it blocks the flow of urine. Prostate cancer is the most common malignant disease occurring in men and is an important cause of mortality. However, if it is detected in its early stages, it can be treated effectively.

Senior man with male MDProstate cancer is becoming more and more a health issue in men’s life. Although rarely occurs in men aged up to 55 years, experts believe that all older man have a beginning of prostate cancer. According to Reader’s Digest, the prostate cancer is characterized by a tumor that slowly grows, often without symptoms, occurring only in advanced stages. That is why most men who have prostate cancer die of other causes without knowing sometimes suffer from this type of cancer.

On the other hand, once the cancer grows and spreads to other tissues, the situation takes another turn. Tumor evolution is slow, but once it reaches the advanced stage it can be deadly. In the incipient phase,  prostate cancer can be treated and cured and fortunately, most cases are detected at this stage. Prostate cancer affects 4 out of 5 men older than 65 and less than 1% of those under 55 of age. Rarely, cases of prostate cancer are diagnosed in men aged 30-40 years. Also, men with a family history of prostate cancer are at a higher risk than other men.

Experts believe that diet plays a role in the occurrence and development of prostate cancer. Thus, according to Reader’s Digest, foods containing animal fat or red meat present much greater risk for men to develop this type of cancer. This is because fat stimulates the production of testosterone and this hormone promotes tumor growth. Prostate cancer is more common in countries consuming meat and dairy than in countries which prefer healthy foods based on rice, soy, vegetables or chicken. That’s why prostate cancer is rarely found in Africa, Latin America and Asia.
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