Senior Term Life Insurance

Get senior term life insurance  at any advanced age!

If you are well into your 70s you have probably passed the limit of getting life coverage from a traditional policy. However, retirement isn’t always easy. You may find yourself at an advanced age with a lot o unpaid debts. Some of the loans that you have made will pass down to your children and other family members. Your funeral taxes also need to be paid. By who? Your remaining family will have to pay an average of 10,000$ or more for your funeral. With a death benefit of 300,000$ offered by a senior term life insurance, you can spare them of such a burden and cover all or a part of your debts!

How does it work?

senior term life insuranceAt an advanced age you can get life coverage by skipping the medical exam. This is done by purchasing a no exam life insurance policy! Just like in the case of any other regular policy, you’ll receive permanent life coverage. The big exception is that you’ll skip the underwriting process. The policy will also be available in 24 hours.

If you are wondering how a company can afford to sell insurance without looking over a medical examination, the answer is simple: the risk of a client dying in a fixed time frame is lower, so the risk of paying a death benefit is also reduced. Furthermore, the agency will take higher risk as long as the premiums will be more expensive. The coverage is also limited as it caps at about 3000,000$, but in some cases, you can get 500,000$ coverage!

Do you need it?

With high premiums and a low death benefit, this policy should be bought only as a last resort. If you are over 50, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get insurance the old way. Many agencies have lowered their standard and you can be eligible for life coverage much easily.

A senior term life insurance is more of a situational policy and you should by it, only if you need it for a specific thing.

How can we help?

We can help you purchase a senior term life insurance policy, by providing a lot of useful information and tips on how to find the best offers. We can also get you insured by helping you get quotes fast and easy! Comparing quote is the best way to find the cheapest premiums for the best coverage! Our services can get you the best life coverage available!

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