Tips for preventing hypothermia

Extreme cooling of the body caused by exposure to cold, either from outdoors or in your own house is dangerous and, often, can be fatal. Hypothermia, whose signs are chills, shivers, drowsiness and a slowed heart rate, occurs more frequently in elderly people who live alone in poorly heated homes and newborns that are kept overnight in a cold room. Premature born babies and the sick ones are most susceptible to hypothermia. Symptoms include prominent skin redness, lethargy and refusal to eat.

HypothermiaHypothermia can also affect anyone exposed to cold or prolonged and extreme weather conditions. Sailors, alpinists or people who practice winter sports such as skiing, ice skating, snowboarding etc often face these problems. The situation becomes dangerous when the body temperature drops from the normal one of 37 ⁰ C to below 35 ⁰ C and the metabolism begins to slow down. If the temperature drops below 33 ⁰ C, the shivering ceases and the person is dizzy and can no longer keep steady onto his or her feet. Loss of consciousness occurs at about 30 ⁰ C and the patient may die if no one takes care of him.

A person found in this situation requires emergency medical treatment and certainly you must immediately call a doctor or an ambulance. While you wait for the doctor to arrive, wrap the person’s head and body  in blankets or anything else you have at your disposal. You should avoid hot water bottles or any other source of heat because a sudden warming is dangerous. The person must not drink alcohol because it withdraws blood from the vital organs into the skin, dilating the capillaries and, as consequence, more heat is lost.

You can take these appropriate measures in order to prevent hypothermia and try to lower the temperature of your body:
– drink warm liquids throughout the whole day;
– eat at least one hot meal per day
– wear warm clothes, a cap or bonnet in order to avoid heat loss at the level of the head
– movement is also very important because if you stay in the same position you will freeze
– You have to heat the room even at 21 ⁰ C
– Do not drink alcohol when you go outside on a cold weather because this decreases the mental endurance and acuity. It also causes heat losses.
– During cold weather increase your body temperature by having regular meals and hot drinks.

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